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Use Zentr as your knowledge hub, intranet, business management tool or company framework. Smart features make information easily accessible and facilitate collaboration. You decide if you also want to connect other tools and services to  create your go-to place for everything.

Structured sharing of information & Planning ahead with your team.


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beta users will be granted with a free account for 6 months (only a few places left).

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“Zentr allows me to go from rough idea to a nicely structured project plan without ever changing tools.”



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Magical features in the background will do the administrative work for you, while you focus on the things that matter. Zentr will help you to organize and manage your work without getting distracted by 'busywork'.

beta users will be granted with a free account for six months (only a few places left).

Super lightweight, but extremely powerful! 

9 EUR 

per user/per month 
(during BETA)

For professionals 
managing their own work, company or team

What you'll get

a customizable Knowledge Hub

Project Management Features

Productivity Features

Collaboration- and Team Features

Real-Time Talk

200 GB Storage

Start your FREE trial

beta users will be granted with a free account for six months (only a few places left).

Stay informed & inform others without interrupting each other.


commit to tasks. Your user icon will appear on the task to let others know that you are working on it. At the same time a personal todo list will be created in the background with all your commitments.

Easy Embedding from elsewhere, 
API interface & Email Forwarding. 


embed nodes from elsewhere. You can add pieces of information to multiple locations within your Zentr. The 'Single Source of Truth' concept (SSOT) will make sure that changes are synced to all locations automatically.

If you are looking for a enterprise version (e.g. self hosted, customized setup etc.) 
feel free to get in contact with us

forward emails to your Zentr inbox. You can then attach them to a project or topic and make them available to other team members. 


Your Questions Answered - FAQ

Plans & Features


Why should you use Zentr?

  • It is extremely simple and easy to maintain!

  • You know how to work with editors, documents spreadsheets - Zentr combines features from those concepts into one tool.

  • Once you create nodes within Zentr, you can easily arrange them in a hierarchy or sequence that makes the most sense to you (and your business).

  • Zentr comes with basic project management features like todo lists, automatic status updates (e.g. for virtual stand up meetings) and filters that allow you to create a simple kanban board functionality (todo, doing, done).

  • You will be able to connect other services with Zentr to create your go-to-place for all relevant information.

How do I access from my mobile device?

  • You can access your Zentr via the browser on your mobile devices. No app to download, simply log in on the Zentr page and you are ready to go.

How does the Individual Plan work?

  • The individual plan is for users that would like use Zentr for their personal tasks and do not need to collaborate or share information with others (for the time being). 

Can I easily switch from Individual to Team?

  • Yes, that is possible. Individual plans can be easily converted into team accounts, if you decide to use it with other people later on.

create a talk for todos, lists or tables. This way, the communication is taking place where it belongs (attached to the topic or project) not in some channel or email thread.

mention others to make them aware of something. You can either mention them within the text of a node or todo or within a talk. They will get a notification per email.

Topic based conversations, directly connected with your project.


Store images, videos within your projects or topic collection.


Create filters & reports to display
specific sets of information.


Can I cancel anytime?

  • Yes, you can cancel at the end of each month - simple as that.

What are you doing to protect our data?

Your privacy & data security is critically important to us. 
At Zentr, we have a few fundamental principles:

  • We are thoughtful about the personal information that we collect about you through the operation of our services.

  • All information you put into a Zentr Workspace is private and only visible to collaborators within that Workspace by default.

  • We aim to make it as simple and transparent as possible for you to control what information in your Zentr Workspace is shared publicly (if at all); public sharing can be disabled completely in your Workspace.

  • We aim for full transparency on how we gather, use, and share your personal information.

  • While no online service is 100% secure, we work very hard to protect information about you against unauthorized access, use, alteration, or destruction, and take reasonable measures to do so, such as monitoring our Services for potential vulnerabilities and attacks.

Are you GDPR compliant? 

  • Yes, we are.  Further information can be found  in our Privacy Policy.


"I don't know where to get  information on a specific topic"

"The high level view in Zentr gives an overview where I can look things up within the hierarchical structure or I can search the whole database for the topic"

"I don't know what the other team members are working on and where we stand with our project."

"In our Zentr Digest I see the work in progress and things that happened today (and yesterday or any other day)"

"I can not remember all my tasks and todos planned for today"

"My Zentr Profile shows me the tasks and todos I committed to"

Your Benefits - no time to lose

Your Team - on the same page

Communicaton is key. It plays a vital role in the success of your business and influences the employee happiness big time. Zentr provides simple and smart functions to create a hassle-free workspace with seamless communication processes. It supports cross-functional collaboration and ensures that everyone is 'on the same page'.

Your Pricing - simple as it should be

How does the Team Plan work?

  • The team plan is for users that work together in a team or group. They have access to special team features that facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing. 
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